Eco Houses, West Bridgford, Nottingham

Project: Eco Houses, West Bridgford, Nottingham

A town on the fringes of Nottingham has become a showcase for the benefits of green living and energy conservation.  As part of the Eco Houses Under Construction scheme, a new build house is one of several projects in West Bridgford which is demonstrating its sustainable credentials following the application of breathable lime renders from Lime Technology.

In a bid to minimise the use of energy, a number of participating homeowners in the town are encouraged to use sustainable products on both refurbishments and new builds including high levels of insulation, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, double glazing and renewable energy - all with a view to achieving Code 5 of the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes.

For the new build eco house, architect Mike Siebert of Ecological Homes Ltd specified Baumit MC55 and SEP02 renders. Offering ease of application, long term performance and flexibility the Baumit breathable renders proved the ideal solution and can reduce site times by a massive 75%.  

‘Using lime rendering externally and lime plaster on the internal faces was a key part of our strategy to produce an affordable, thermally efficient, breathable wall construction,’ commented architect Mike Siebert of EcologicHomes Ltd. ‘Lime Technology not only provided all the materials we needed, but also gave us endless advice and came on site to train our plasterers on how to use the product. This turned out to be no more than a half hour chat, and we've never looked back. Our plasterers have had to admit that lime render, on top of all its other advantages, is a pleasure to work with and surprisingly forgiving.’

Baumit MC55, a lime based solution from Lime Technology was spray applied to the external walls, before a top coat lime render finish of SEP02 in the ‘happy’ colour, gave the house a clean aesthetic look. The Baumit system is a lime-based traditional render which offers an economic and practical alternative to most other renders that are less vapour permeable.

Designed for spray or hand application as a two coat system, the renders are suitable for use on lightweight and dense masonry, in addition to boarded substrates.  Available as a dry powder in 25-30 kg bags, Baumit renders conform to mortar category CSII according to BS EN 998-1 and are water vapour permeable.

Funded by Climate East Midlands, East Midlands Improvement and Efficiency Partnership, and Communities and Local Government, The Eco Houses Under Construction project is an exemplar project which showcases how sustainable materials and technologies can contribute to energy performance.