Dulwich Community Hospital, Dulwich

Project: Dulwich Community Hospital, Dulwich

Ultra Floor’s Prime IT AR, acrylic emulsion primer, Level IT super30, rapid set levelling compound and Feather IT smoothing compound have been used to transform part of Dulwich community hospital in London.

Specialist flooring contractor Blackheath Flooring Ltd, based in Dartford, have recently finished sub floor preparation and flooring installation of 440m² of vinyl throughout the ground floor corridors, reception and Seldock waiting area of Dulwich hospital.

The work was completed over 4 weeks within tight time frames using Ultra Floor Prime IT AR, Level IT super30 and Feather IT, to lay the vinyl covering.

Ultra Floor Prime IT AR is an acrylic emulsion primer suitable for use on porous substrates. It helps reduce the absorbency of the floor and improves the adhesion of cementitious underlayments. It was used in this project to prepare the surfaces prior to levelling with Ultra Floor Level IT super30.

Level IT super30 is Ultra Floor’s fast-track niche product for speedy levelling. The product sets in 30 minutes and can be overlaid in just 3 hours! Being a two component product it allows for fast and efficient mixing preparation as there is no requirement to add water. The product’s formulation is free from ammonia and protein, creating a very low odour material suitable for confined areas as well as open, proving particularly suitable for schools, hospitals and leisure centres. In addition, the product is designed to compensate for shrinkage and is polymer modified, both adding to its high performance and compatibility.

Feather IT feather finish smoothing compound was used to touch up and skim the corridors. It makes light work of patching many different surface imperfections such as ridges, uneven trowel marks and cracks. A perfectly smooth finish is guaranteed due to the inclusion of finer fillers, whilst increased polymer provides greater flexibility. In fact Ultra Floor Feather IT is so smooth it can be rolled by hand into a scroll without cracking, debonding or deforming!

It was important that downtime was kept to a minimum as the work had to be completed during weekend evenings when the hospital was quieter. The leveller was applied on the Friday night with flooring installation taking place the following day. Level IT super30’s fast set time meant these parameters were easily achieved.

Neil Rose of Blackheath Flooring Ltd commented that Ultra Floor products were ‘great to work with’. He went on to tell us that once work was completed, an accident occurred on site where a large safe perforated an area of newly refurbished flooring, causing irreparable damage to the vinyl covering, but with absolutely no impairment to the latex underneath. The vinyl was easily peeled back and new covering re-laid without the need to re-apply the leveller. This is a sound testament to Level IT super30’s strength, durability and exceptional performance.