Drumoig Hotel, Leuchars

Project: Drumoig Hotel, Leuchars

The first UK installation of REHAU’s new UK manufactured RAUVITHERM Cool pre-insulated pipework has just taken place near St Andrews, Scotland, connecting a REHAU RAUGEO manifold chamber with a ground source heat pump at the Drumoig Hotel near Leuchars.

A new ground source installation has been completed by renewables specialists Energy and Management UK using 1.5km of PE100 horizontal collectors.  These collectors are feeding into an external RAUGEO manifold chamber and, in turn, 50m of the pre-insulated RAUVITHERM Cool pipework is feeding into a heat pump sited in the plant room of a bedroom lodge at the hotel.

Richard Dyer of Energy and Management UK says that he turned to REHAU for a pre-insulated pipework solution when the ground conditions meant that it was proving difficult and costly to dig down to the 1m required to use non-insulated pipe for this part of the installation.

The new RAUVITHERM Cool pipework, which comes with a bonded PEX foam insulation, has been installed at just 600mm depth and Richard says he has been impressed both with the quality of the pipework and with how easy it is to install.

He says:  “The REHAU solution feels more substantial than the pre-insulated pipework we’ve used previously which almost feels flimsy in comparison. The insulation in RAUVITHERM Cool is fully bonded to the outer jacket yet the pipework is still easy to roll out and offers plenty of flexibility on site.

“We were particularly impressed with the connections and with the use of leak free heat shrink end caps for connection onto the manifold chamber and at the heat pump.”

RAUVITHERM Cool differs from REHAU’s standard RAUVITHERM pipework by optimising the insulation make-up for low temperature applications and using a PE 100 carrier pipe instead of PE-Xa.

Energy and Management UK provides a complete renewable energy service to domestic and commercial customers across Scotland.  Based in Newport on Tay, the company can advise on the best solution for every application and is fully accredited by industry bodies including the Energy Saving Trust and REA.