Domestic House, Crawley

Project: Domestic House, Crawley

Faced with crippling energy bills, a retired couple from Crawley have escaped the fuel poverty trap thanks to a free solar pv system installed by The Green Home Company.  Reg and Pauline Johns are among the 1,400 householders across the South East who will be cushioned against all future increases in fuel bills, by producing their own free electricity from their solar pv system for the next twenty-five years. And the best part is that it all comes absolutely free of charge.

The Johns’ good fortune is thanks to a massive Government initiative to cut greenhouse emissions, which has been supported by The Green Home Company based in Maidstone, Kent.  The company is offering householders the opportunity to generate their own green electricity from solar photovoltaic panels – all at zero cost.

Energy prices are soaring with annual heating bills rising by £500 over the last five years. According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, more than a fifth of households in the UK are affected by fuel poverty which equates to 5.5 million families across the UK who spend more than 10% of their income on fuel. 

 ‘Our electricity bill last year was over £1200 and was increasing all the time.  We looked into companies offering free solar panels and The Green Home Company offered the best solution,’ said Reg Johns. ‘They were very professional, knowledgeable and helpful through each step of the process – we now look forward to a much reduced electricity bill thanks to the twelve solar panels on our roof’.

The offer of a free permanent solar pv installation is only available until 31st March 2012, for what the company describes as a win, win situation for homeowners like the Johns who are looking to reduce energy costs and for a Government committed to generating power from renewable sources.

The company has funding worth up to £15 million to cover the cost of installations but there is one stipulation - panels can only be installed on south facing roofs which can achieve the right levels of electrical output.

"If the roof qualifies, we will install a solar photovoltaic system to a home owner’s roof absolutely free of charge,” said managing director Alan Proto. “The home owner will immediately benefit from the free electricity generated, which in our experience will reduce their overall electricity bills substantially.”

“The company benefits by taking the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme (FITs) which came into force in April 2010, which repays us for the cost of installation over an agreed time. There are no hidden catches or additional costs for the home owner, maintenance and insurance for the next twenty-five years are taken care of by us.”

The Green Home Company has already started to install free solar PV systems, worth up to £15,000 each, to around 1,400 qualifying homeowners and this will continue until March 2012.

Following a roof suitability application process, a qualifying home could immediately start saving on their energy bills. Suitability will depend upon meeting certain criteria such as a minimum size of roof and its being South facing with no shading, from trees for example.

Part of GML Construction Group, an established construction company with a 20 year history, The Green Home Company aims to make renewable energy technologies available and affordable to everybody.

For more information about The Green Home Company and to find out how free solar energy can help reduce your energy bills please visit or call 01622 742747.