Cullen Packaging, Glasgow

Project: Cullen Packaging, Glasgow

Cullen Packaging in Glasgow, one of the world’s leading, innovative, conceptual design and packaging manufacturers has recently installed a Zehnder Clean Air Solutions system to assist them in providing a comfortable working environment for their staff.


Producing pulp products for the medical and retail industries, all Cullen Packaging products are made from 100% recycled paper and the company has a strong commitment to its people, the environment and modern clean-technology.
Initially approached by Zehnder Clean Air Solutions with a view to improving the indoor air quality of their facility thorough the introduction of a dust management programme, the installation of the Zehnder units has, in fact, also helped alleviate a more pertinent issue.


“Dust is not our main concern” explains Ryan Kelly, Production Director at Cullen Packaging.  “The key issue for us is smog. Generated as a by-product of our drying process smoke and steam are constantly released into the atmosphere as the pulp products are heated by gas dryers underneath. This creates a haze which can sit in the air throughout the day.”


Benefitting from the use of patented Flimmer® technology, the Zehnder Clean Air Solutions units are able to remove extremely high levels of dust and particulate from the air whilst maintaining the clean air delivery rate. Consisting of thousands of electro-statically charged, fine polypropylene hairs, these three-dimensional filters can remove all particulate from the air. This means that not only do they assist in the management of dust, but they can also help reduce levels of fumes and odour as well.


“Discovering that the Zehnder units would be able to assist us in removing the smog was great news” adds Ryan. “What’s more, with the flexibility of agreeing a 12 month fixed price service contract we had nothing to lose. The contract has enabled us to install the units and monitor their level of performance without necessitating a substantial long-term financial commitment.”


A total of 20 ceiling mounted Zehnder Clean Air Solution E3000 and E6000 units have been installed within the three pulp and one corrugate drying areas of the Cullen Packaging site, and the before and after dust monitoring data for the first four months of operation has now been gathered, with extremely positive results. The TSI DustTrak monitors measured the average concentration of airborne particles within the drying areas at five minute intervals, over a 12 day period, before and after the installation of the Zehnder units. The results show over a 50% reduction in particulate in the air following the installation of the Zehnder units, which successfully meets the World Health Organisation’s recommended level.


“We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the dust monitoring report” explains Ryan. “The results speak for themselves and uphold our decision to go ahead with the installation. In addition to the visible improvements that were achieved we now have definitive data to prove the reduction in airborne particles and can rest assured that we are providing a safe and comfortable working environment for our employees.”


In addition to improved indoor air quality the employees of Cullen Packaging are also benefitting from another welcome side effect of the installation of the Zehnder units. “The atmosphere within the drying halls not only looks cleaner and tastes cleaner” explains Ryan. “But as an added bonus the units have helped distribute the heat from our air heaters throughout the building. By taking in the air and forcing it back down into the facility our workers have enjoyed a much warmer winter this year.”


Commenting on the projects as a whole Ryan concludes, “The installation and operation of the units has been brilliant. In fact the whole process has been perfect and the level of service we have received from Zehnder has been first class. There has been no demand on our time and the units were installed quickly with no disruption to our working day. It has made a refreshing change to work with a professional company and achieve fantastic results.”