Crown Trade Protective Coatings puts a shine on seaside attraction

Street furniture along a stretch of the South Wales coast is being given a new lease of life – and protected for the long term against the elements – with Crown Trade Protective Coatings’ Metal Gloss system.

Steel railings, lamp posts, benches and other street items along a three mile promenade at Aberavon are undergoing a rolling programme of restoration with the high performance system.

Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council first contacted Crown Paints when the stretch started to look weathered after being installed more than seven years ago.

As a result the Crown Trade Metal Gloss system was specified, to deliver maximum protection and highly attractive looks in-keeping with the area’s position as a major visitor attraction.

Offering superior corrosion protection, a tough finish and an excellent colour offer, Crown Trade Metal Gloss system protects any correctly prepared new or previously painted ferrous or non-ferrous metalwork, including structural steelwork, railings, fire escapes, gates and shutters.

The system has three main components - Crown Trade High Build Rust Inhibiting Metal Primer and Crown Trade High Build Micaceous Iron Oxide and Crown Trade High Performance Gloss for Metal.

These products have been developed to offer a choice of 10 or 15 years’ protection, depending on the system applied, to suit a range of customers’ needs. Crown Trade’s Protective Coatings T-Wash is also available for use to correctly prepare new galvanised metal.

Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council opted for the 15 year protection system, in light of the metalwork’s constant exposure to a demanding coastal environment.

Up to 15 years’ protection is achieved if one or two coats of Crown Trade High Build Micaceous Iron Oxide are applied between the primer and the gloss topcoat.  Offering an effective barrier against the water ingress that can cause corrosion, Crown Trade High Build Micaceous Iron Oxide is an excellent intermediate coat and can even be used as a topcoat if colour and sheen are less important factors than protection.

The programme at Aberavon is being carried out by the Council’s in-house painting and decorating team and is being completed in different stages, with high-traffic areas targeted first.

Gary Havard, Senior Building Surveyor at Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council, said: “The paint system is working extremely well, it’s a quality gloss that’s offering a very high specification finish.

“We’ve had some bad winters and the surfaces are exposed to a harsh marine environment but they’re standing the test of time.”

Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council has a long standing relationship with Crown Paints and Chris Davies, Specification Sales Manager at Crown Paints works closely with the team.

Chris said: “The promenade is looking really good.

“By using the full Crown Trade High Performance Metal Gloss system the surfaces are protected from rust and corrosion for up to 15 years.

“The surfaces are being prepped with one coat of Crown Trade High Build Rust Inhibiting Metal Primer Undercoat, which provides a great foundation for the metal work.

“An intermediate coating of Crown Trade High Build Micaceous Iron Oxide is being used to help fight corrosion – something posing a great threat to surfaces in a seaside environment.

“Then Crown Trade Protective Coatings High Performance Gloss for Metal is applied as a top coat, offering a high gloss finish with exceptional adhesion and gloss retention.”

A new brochure has been produced, giving an insight into how Crown Trade’s Protective Coatings - which as well as the metal gloss system includes Crown Trade’s Fast Drying Cladding Finish - can transform exterior environments and offer outstanding protection against the elements.

Featuring case studies, application information and full details of the system approach, the brochure can be ordered from the Crown Trade Specification Team by calling 0330 0240310, email

The brochure can also viewed online at Crown Trade’s new website

As well as the print and online brochures, videos have also been produced for both the Crown Trade Metal Gloss system and Crown Trade Fast Drying Cladding Finish, which can be viewed at