Conquest homes uses Airflow in new development

Conquest Homes LLP has specified products from Airflow Developments for nine new houses in Collyweston, Northamptonshire. The company’s Duplexvent DV96SE Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) unit and Airflex Pro 75mm ducting has been installed to ensure the properties benefit from a healthy indoor air environment.  

Conquest Homes is dedicated to providing unique, architect-designed homes with a firm focus on the environment. Preferring to build in stone where possible, taking advantage of the materials’ low energy intensity, as well as enhanced appearance. With this in mind, addressing the issue of ventilation and indoor air quality is crucial to building places where people want to live.

As such, Conquest Homes specified the Duplexvent DV96SE MVHR unit, which is an ideal solution for family homes due to its triple filter design that ensures a clean and hygienic indoor atmosphere. Passive House approved, the unit has been designed to help save money through its intelligent heat recovery system. The highly efficient EC motor technology ensures longevity and the lowest possible energy use, providing over 90% thermal efficiency. Controlled electronically by the Duplexvent SED control system, the unit is compatible with external CO2 and humidity sensors and can be tailored according to the needs of residents using the time clock control function.

Used in conjunction with the MVHR unit was Airflow’s Airflex Pro ducting, with a 75mm diameter. Flexible and durable, the ducting is made up of a semi-rigid pipe which is easily installed – saving up to 70% on installation time when compared to other ducting methods. The compact size means the Airflex Pro can be fitted into narrow joists and low ceiling voids, with easy cleaning and maintenance through access panels. An innovative system, Airflex Pro uses low resistance and antibacterial smooth, round and oval tubes, which have been designed so that both types can be used within the system without loss of performance and no leakage. The performance data is now recognised by the Government as an input for Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculations via Appendix Q.

Commenting on the development Andrew Winterton, Managing Director of Conquest Homes LLP, said: “I had used Airflow products in the past and had always been impressed by the ease of installation. With our focus on low-energy designs it made sense to incorporate MVHR, which as well as providing efficiency benefits, also improves the air quality and indoor environment. .

In fact, we had a couple of residents who after just a short time of living in one our properties, noticed that their pre-existing respiratory problems had really improved, which they felt was due to the dust-free filtered air in their new home.”

John Kelly, Marketing Manager at Airflow commented: “This development at Collyweston is a perfect example of how our MVHR systems provide effective ventilation and improve indoor air quality. Leading housebuilders and developers are recognising that poor ventilation can result in health problems - and are turning to MVHR to provide the solution.”