Cladding solution ensures Isle of Skye self-build dream home sits seamlessly in its surroundings

Marley Eternit’s market-leading, corrosion-resistant profiled sheeting has been specified for a striking self-build residential project located at Fiscavaig, on the beautiful and rugged Isle of Skye in Scotland.

The three-bedroom family home has been designed by the team at Rural Design Architects, who are based on the island.  They responded to their client’s brief by delivering a memorable and robust building that is entirely in keeping with the local agricultural vernacular, with the profiled sheeting exterior helping to reflect and complement the ad hoc buildings forming an important part of the surrounding rural landscape.

Gill Smith from Rural Design Architects explains: “The house form and aesthetic is inspired by rural, agricultural sheds and it was therefore important to use a cladding material that was authentic to this vision.  In addition, as the project was to be self-built, the materials we specified had to be easy to source, cost efficient, flexible and demonstrate proven performance credentials.  That is why we selected Marley Eternit’s Black Profile 6 sheeting.”

The company has used Marley Eternit’s profiled sheeting on a number of previous projects, as it sought out a combination of aesthetic appeal and durable performance to work effectively on buildings that are often subject to the rigours of a harsh climate.

The single storey, mono-pitched house is called ‘The Black House’ and the use of the deeper profiled Profile 6 option in black from the Marley Eternit range made for a more pronounced sinusoidal curve which, works appropriately with the scale of the building.  The chosen black colour provides a good definition to the form. 

To help support self-build projects such as ‘The Black House’, the durability and robustness inherent with profiled sheeting makes it ideal to store outside on site (often in inclement weather conditions) until the build requires it, and allows the construction to proceed without undue delay.

Marc Vasment, Area Sales Manager for Marley Eternit, comments: “The specification of profiled sheeting for this project highlights its performance and aesthetic appeal to architects, as well as the ease with which it can be installed as part of a self-build project.  It has enabled the architectural team to realise their client’s original vision to create a home in a stunning location that is highly in tune with its natural surroundings and the agricultural heritage of the location.

“With proven performance characteristics, as well as a sustainable manufacturing process enabling it to achieve A+ or A ratings in the BRE Green Guide, profiled sheeting provides a perfect solution for projects such as ‘The Black House’ by underpinning architectural aspiration, maximising cost benefits and delivering long-lasting and sustainable functionality.”

So delighted were the home owners with the black Profile 6 sheeting they subsequently extended its specification for use on a second smaller-sized, artist’s studio building located next to ‘The Black House’.

Gill Smith concludes: “Marley Eternit’s Profile 6 sheeting ticked all the boxes in terms of cost, aesthetics, performance and design options for this residential self-build project.  The clients are so pleased with the end result and we are extremely happy that, with the help of the external cladding solution, we have helped them build a dream home set in a dream landscape.”