City Centre, Gloucester

Project: City Centre, Gloucester

Ultrascape’s Mortar Paving System has been used to help improve the environment between the newly developed Gloucester Quays and Gloucester’s City Centre.

As a result of the opening of the Gloucester Quays shopping development in 2009, there was a need to provide good pedestrian and cyclist links between the complex and the city centre.  A project that was imperative for encouraging visitors to the area, enabling free movement between the Quays and the city centre.

The improvements are called ‘The Linkages’ and will help to benefit the city’s economy by facilitating visitor footfall between the two main shopping arenas.

Civil Engineering Contractor, Balfour Beatty, specified Ultrascape’s BS 7533 Compliant Mortar Paving System to lay the 5,500m² of Forest Pennant Sandstone used in this regeneration scheme.  The system comprises of a pre-packed, pre-blended, fully tested range of Bedding, Priming and Jointing Mortars to meet and exceed the strict requirements of BS 7533.

Ultrascape’s Pro-Bed HS is a Fine Bedding Mortar manufactured to meet and exceed the strict requirements of BS 7533. It offers a paved area construction life of over 40 years (in conjunction with fully compliant build-up), even in trafficked environments. Pro-bed HS bedding mortar was supplied in bulk silos which provided a perfect base for the stone to be laid on; it creates the ideal foundation for laying paving elements where a rigid or bound base is required.

Ultrascape Pro-Prime Slurry Primer provides an exceptional bond between the paving element and Ultrascape ProBed HS. It offers the additional adhesive strength required to meet the strict standards of BS 7533.

Ultrascape Flowpoint Rapid Set Flowable grout not only meets, but exceeds all of the requirements of the latest British Standard (BS 7533). Fast and efficient to apply, affording the ability to grout significant areas of paving quickly and cleanly, Flowpoint grout is also rapid setting, which means areas of paving can be opened to traffic soon after installation. It is the ideal solution for any sizeable scheme, enabling large areas to be grouted with this pourable material and simply washed away with no staining.

Ultrascape’s materials were the preferred choice for Balfour Beatty because of their excellent workability and overall performance which was further enhanced by the free on-site support and customer service offered by Ultrascape, which included product demonstrations and CPD seminars.

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