PROJECT:Home Office
ARCHITECT:Terry Farrell & Partners

Brief: To achieve a transparent bomb blast screen, security circle locks and air locks with glass as the predominant material.

OE re-engineered an approved and certified curtain wall system and obtained assessment approval thus achieving full height glass without the necessity for horizontal transoms at 1 metre intervals.

Traditionally security circle locks are clad in aluminium or steel, forming a solid tube with small glass sliding doors. OE designed this structural product to provide full height glass for each individual entrance ranging from 2800mm to 4800mm.

Each circle lock is equipped with a two-zone matting system, eliminating weight sensors which might allow 2 people to enter at the same time.

The air locks have been equipped with OE'S unique electro-mechanical in-ground swing operators to activate the doors, thus eliminating unsightly surface mounted door operators and creating a clean and transparent look.