Chestnut Tree House, Ideal Home Show

Project: Chestnut Tree House, Ideal Home Show

Airflow’s QuietAir 120 extractor fan has been selected by the UK Noise Abatement Society to feature in the Quiet Mark Treehouse - the focal point of this year’s Ideal Home Show 2014. The fan was selected as it combines contemporary design with ultra low noise levels – operating at a market leading 32 decibels.
The Quiet Treehouse has been developed as a piece of acoustic architecture as well as a showcase for the latest Quiet Mark awarded products. It’s also the launch of a partnership between Quiet Mark and John Lewis that will aim to evolve consumer understanding of sound quality and develop a new era of sound measurement for electrical products sold at the department store.
Designed to help ventilate a room, by removing moisture and preventing the build up of condensation, the QuietAir range is extremely efficient and can help reduce unnecessary energy usage, thanks to its built in eco start energy saving technology.
Where most other extractor fans are wired to the light switch in a room, meaning they are activated whenever the light is turned on, the QuietAir eco start technology only switches on once a room is occupied for two minutes, so it is only in use when really needed, helping to reduce energy waste.
Once it has been showcased at the event, Quiet Mark Treehouse it will be given to Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice in West Sussex, where it will provide a permanent outdoor feature for the enjoyment of young people with progressive life-limiting conditions.
“We are delighted that ourQuietAir 120 extractor fan has been selected to feature in the Quiet Mark Treehouse at this year’s Ideal Home Show,” commented Steve Bergh, Product Manager at Airflow. “QuietAir is one of the quietest fans on the market today so its ideal for any modern home, even the next generation tree home.”
Poppy Elliott, Managing Director, Quiet Mark: “The Quiet Treehouse is home to some of the most innovative products on the market that are reducing unwanted noise and helping to create a more peaceful acoustic design for our living environment. Airflow is a prime example of a product that is not only very effective at its task, but also extremely quiet in the process. It is Quiet Mark awarded and that helps any consumer to make an informed decision based on performance and disturbance.”