Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet

Project: Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet

Worldwide and renowned sports clothing and accessory manufacturer, adidas has a portfolio of stores spreading the breadth and depth of the UK and beyond.

Millions of pounds yearly are allocated to new store openings and refurbishments ensuring that adidas is in the best retail position.  Most recently several projects were commissioned in the north west including stores at Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet and Manchester’s Trafford Centre.

The Great Northern Tiling Company secured the tiling contract for these stores in the north west and used a range of Ultra Tile products to complete the installations.  600 x 600 porcelain floor tiles were specified by adidas for the stores.  It is well known that porcelain tiles have a low absorbency making them tricky to adhere without adequate polymer levels in the adhesive used.  Therefore, Ultra Tile ProRapid RS rapid setting flexible tile adhesive was chosen with the addition of Ultra Tile’s additive, Prime IT FP.

Available in 2.5ltr bottles, Prime IT FP is designed to enhance the performance of Ultra Tile adhesives when they are used to fix tile types such as porcelains, and also on porous substrates.  The primer prepares the substrate sealing it and improving the bond between the subsequent adhesive.  When added to ProRapid RS it increases the adhesive's bond strength guaranteeing durability.

Ultra Tile ProRapid RS has a pot life of 40 minutes and is rapid setting for faster completion.  It may be used internally or externally and is suitable for both wet and dry conditions, adhering to most common substrates.   Non-slip properties make it ideal for wall or floor applications and it comes in grey or white 20kg bags.

The floor tile installations were grouted using Ultra Tile’s best selling grout, FlexJoint.  FlexJoint has been specifically formulated and polymer modified for tiles with joint widths of up to 20mm, and for most tile types and applications.  It has excellent joint filling properties and a super fine texture, allowing for joints to be filled in one simple application making it an ideal choice for fixers, and providing a smooth, non-coarse finish.  The product has an efflorescence-free formulation for consistency of colour and is mould resistant and water repellent for a durable hygienic finish.  

The Great Northern Tiling Company installed movement joints purchased from  If you would like further information regarding movement joints in a tiling installation, please refer to the guide on page 29 of the Ultra Tile brochure available from

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