Channel 5 Studio, London

Project: Channel 5 Studio, London

High performance Stopgap 800 Wearcoat smoothing underlayment from F. Ball and Co. Ltd., has been used in the recent renovation of a Channel 5 news studio, in London.  The 280sqm basement area, and soon-to-be setting for prime-time Channel 5 news presenting, required a high quality, hardwearing finish, suitable for accommodating heavy camera equipment and the anticipated daily foot traffic expected in a busy news production environment.

To begin the renovations, existing paint residue and contaminants were removed from the floor by mechanical means. A moisture measurement test was then conducted to determine the relative humidity (RH) levels of the subfloor. The results confirmed the surface was suitably dry to continue, without the need to install a waterproof surface membrane.

Contractors at AA Floor Services (hired by main contractor Swift Refurbishments) then applied two coats of F. Ball’s Stopgap P131 general-purpose neoprene primer to the subfloor to promote the adhesion of Stopgap 800 Wearcoat smoothing underlayment, which was applied at thicknesses of between 5mm – 12mm to the 280sqm surface area. The self-levelling product was then finished with spiked roller to create an optimum finish.  The spiked roller is used to remove air from the applied material and prevent pin holes forming on the finished surface when dry.

Stopgap 800 Wearcoat is a commercial and industrial grade floor levelling compound used for upgrading and renovating existing internal floors in light to heavy-duty applications, and can be used at thicknesses between 5 - 15mm. This makes it ideal for use in storerooms, workshops, corridors and basements, where floorcoverings are not required to be installed. Furthermore, Stopgap 800 Wearcoat is a protein-free formulation, allowing it to be used in biologically sensitive areas. For a spill resistant and protective surface finish, Stopgap Seal can be applied over the Wearcoat once it has fully dried.

Tony Friend, Managing Director of AA Floor Services, said: “Stopgap 800 Wearcoat’s self-levelling and easy-flow properties made it the ideal product for this installation, where a smooth and even final surface was crucial.

“I’ve been using F. Ball’s products for almost 50 years and have seen the changes and developments in their products that make jobs that would have seemed long and arduous a few years ago, completed within hours today.”