Center Parcs Woburn Forest, Bedfordshire

Project: Center Parcs, Woburn, Bedfordshire

After an afternoon of outdoor activities in the often unpredictable British weather, guests at Center Parcs expect a warm, comforting environment to return to.  

Center Parcs’ £250m Village situated in the 362-acre Woburn Forest, in Bedfordshire, features extensive indoor space that required an innovative solution. In particular public areas such as receptions and restaurants had differing requirements that had to be considered.

With such a diversity of spaces in need of discreet and energy efficient heating, Jaga was heavily involved in the specification process to ensure the best solutions were chosen both in terms of design and performance.  

A combination of the cost-effective, highly-efficient Strada radiator and unobtrusive Mini Canal trench heaters was recommended. In addition, the decorative Jaga Twine was installed in various public reception areas, and the Sentinel LST in numerous stairwells, bathrooms and medical consultation facilities.

As part of Center Parcs’ commitment to being environmentally friendly, the Woburn Forest Village was built to be as sustainable as possible. This is demonstrated by the use of a biomass district heating system. Because Jaga radiators are compatible with renewable heat sources, it makes them an ideal choice in achieving such ambitions.

With a clean, up to the minute modish design, the Strada wall-mounted radiator is slim, elegant and naturally blends into contemporary surroundings. Its’ cool-to-touch front panel makes it safe for use in public areas, and it incorporates Jaga’s Low-H20 technology to ensure superior performance and energy-efficiency, cutting carbon emissions up to 10% when compared with steel panel radiators.

The Mini Canal radiator – also featuring Low-H2O heat exchangers – is installed into floor trenches in the restaurant areas to hide it from sight. As a result the Mini Canal blends into the background, enabling Center Parcs’ visitors to enjoy their dining experience in a warm environment, without compromising the décor of the restaurant.

An attractive accompaniment to the interior design values on the project yet providing powerful sustainable heating, the Jaga Twine is stylishly designed and was perfect for use in Center Parcs’ general areas. With 32 standard colours, eight special colours and the option of a glossy or matte finish, there was ample choice to help incorporate the Twine into Center Parcs’ aesthetic theme.

Safe, reliable and also energy efficient, Sentinel LST (Low Surface Temperature) radiators were used to warm Center Parcs’ internal medical facilities. Its waiting room, consultation rooms, nurse’s office and first aid centre were all fitted with Sentinel LST wall-mounted-radiators.

For this project with such complex and different heating tasks, Jaga’s close collaboration and design support to the M & E contractor, Derry Building Services, was invaluable in achieving Center Parcs’ heating targets.