Cae Gleison, Bridgend

Project: Cae Gleison, Bridgend

South Wales RSL Hafod Housing Association has created newly built affordable homes at Cae Gleison in Bridgend to the globally recognised Passivhaus standard by installing Sheerframe HED windows from UK building systems company L.B. Plastics.

Built by Holbrook Construction as part of a 31-home development for rent, the two Passivhaus properties owned and managed by Hafod Housing Association represent a step-change in energy performance for dwellings. Such is the innovation that has gone into the design of these properties that the Welsh Government is watching with great interest to see if it presents a model for future new build homes across the country.

Sheerframe HED triple-glazed windows installed by Cardiff-based South Wales UPVC provided an ultra low 0.8 W/m2K whole window U-value. These were integrated into Holbrook’s own timber-frame building system which facilitates highly insulated floors, walls and roofs and provides the wide ranging benefits of MMC (modern methods of construction).

This combination delivered a thermally superior, airtight envelope which has now been certified to Passivhaus by the BRE.

Alan Morgan, Managing Director of Hafod Housing Association Ltd said: “Hafod Housing Association is committed to providing sustainable, low carbon yet affordable housing for our residents. The market for ‘Passivhaus Standard’ construction products has long been dominated by European manufacturers, we were therefore delighted to source a UK manufacturer that was able to deliver a window that could meet the strict performance criteria that the Passivhaus Institute demanded, at a competitive price.” 

Director of Holbrook Construction Steve James said, “Hafod Housing Association has taken the lead on sustainability in their specification to Passivhaus and we’re extremely pleased with the result. With innovative products like our timber frame system in combination with Sheerframe HED windows, it is clear that new homes can be created to the superior thermal standard required if the UK is to meet its carbon reduction ambitions.”

Sheerframe windows are tried and tested in low and zero carbon homes across the UK including the highest Code for Sustainable Homes levels. The Sheerframe HED system was developed in 2008 by L.B. Plastics specifically for the required jump to much greater thermal efficiency in home building. With the need for 0.8 U-values on windows, the system was the first of its kind to offer the exceptional performance required as part of a cost-effective all-round sustainable solution.

In addition to its energy-saving performance in-use credentials, Sheerframe HED windows are UK-made using calcium organic stabilised PVC which is free of heavy metals. Profile is manufactured to the internationally recognised EN ISO 14001 environmental standard and creates windows which are easy to recycle at the end of a 35+ year low maintenance service life.  

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