Business Textile Services Ltd

BTS supplies a range of textile based services including printer wipes, mats, washrooms and work wear rental laundry services. In summer 2014 BTS approached Dudley Industries with an idea to create a metal wiper dispenser and soiled cloth storage unit for automotive and engineering companies that use recyclable cleaning cloths.

BTS Managing Director, Ian Muir explains “I sketched out a basic concept which the design team at Dudley quickly developed into an engineered drawing. After a couple of design meetings and some minor improvements Dudley manufactured three prototypes.”

These prototypes were then reviewed by BTS and its customers, the feedback of which was extremely positive. Following one further small modification an order was placed for the production of the final product.

When asked about the finished product, Ian Muir commented “The units are fantastic and have become the cornerstone of our 4-safewipers service. The whole process from initial discussion to delivery was fast and trouble free.”