Business Park, Croxley Green

Project: Business Park, Croxley Green

Greenhills Real Estate Ltd has installed a third TORMAX entrance system at the highly successful, energy efficient business park in Watford, Croxley Green.  Set in impressive glass façades, the 4-leaf manual revolving doors positively contribute to a greener environment by helping reduce heat loss from the buildings whilst the low-energy automatic swing doors to either side take full advantage of TORMAX iMotion technology which is almost entirely manufactured using recyclable material. 

Contracted to design, manufacture and install the new entrance system to Building 8, TORMAX worked with R&M Glazing to deliver a high quality solution that reflects the sustainable ambitions of the business park.  The objective of Greenhills’ £3.6m refurbishment ( has been to effectively ‘recycle’ existing office buildings whilst expanding facilities to offer a vibrant, healthy working environment that is truly sustainable at every level.  Impressively, occupational running costs are approximately half that of conventional air-conditioned buildings. 

The manual revolving doors create a prestigious frontage commensurate with any high quality office facility whilst delivering a solution that allows smooth pedestrian access.  Powered by TORMAX iMotion operators concealed in a steel container set below the floor, the automatic swing pass doors offer a DDA-compliant option for less-able staff and visitors to the site as well as allowing easy access for deliveries etc. 

Utilising advanced iMotion technology the underfloor operators are tested well beyond current industry requirements and feature high-powered synchronous motor that have no parts which can wear out, delivering near-indefinite life-expectancy and low-energy operation.   Advanced sensors help ensure heat loss from the buildings is cut by allowing doors to be set for ‘reduced opening’ but automatically adapting when pedestrian traffic builds up from both directions.  A user-friendly control panel allows site specific requirements to be easily accommodated.