Burrows Lea Farmhouse - Residential Underfloor Heating

Renewable energy specialists, Worcester Renewable Energy Ltd, enlisted the help of Polypipe to design an underfloor heating system which would provide Burrows Lea Farmhouse with environmentally friendly heating. Polypipe's Red Floor Plate Solid Floor System was specified for the ground floor of the farmhouse due to its abillity to provide an ambient temperature throughout the property and its environmental credentials over alternative heating systems.

The project required environmentally friendly heating, which Polypipe was able to provide.

The first floor of the mansion benefitted from Polypipe's Overlay System, which is the ideal solution for firstfloor rooms as it can be laid directly on top of existing floors. At only 18mm in depth, the Overlay System allows underfloor heating to be installed in projects where other underfloor systems would require expensive excavation or where the existing floor would be raised to an unacceptable level.

Worcester Renewable Energy chose to pair their Polypipe Underfloor Heating systems with a ground source heat pump. The two components worked in tandem to provide a high performance heating system with excellent energy efficiency. When buidling Burrows Lea Farmhouse, installers needed to consider aesthetics. Built and designed to visually impress, underfloor heating provided a more discreet and cost effective alternative to traditional radiators. Able to fulfil the requireemnts of Worcester Renewable Energy, Polypipe were able to build a system that would work alongside a ground source heat pump for a practical and environmental reasons.

The Burrows Lea Farmhouse underfloor heating installation was completed in November 2015.