Brotherton Esseco, Yorkshire

Project: Brotherton Esseco, Yorkshire

Almost half a kilometre of Cablofil steel wire tray has been used to provide the cable management system at a new build chemicals plant in Yorkshire.

Brotherton Esseco has been manufacturing inorganic chemical products on the Wakefield site for 130 years and has built a £4 million chemical processing plant alongside its main production facility.  The new plant is a four-storey steel frame structure with all production equipment and associated services exposed to the elements, demanding a hard-wearing and corrosion-resistant cable management solution.

Contractor, MJ Wilson, completed the installation in just 12 weeks using Cablofil 316L and 304L stainless steel wire tray systems, which are specifically designed for use in industrial applications.  The pickled and passivated stainless steel wire tray contains molybdenum which enables the cable management to resist intergranular corrosion and prevents damage from aggressive halogens, including fluorine and chlorine.

The Cablofil steel wire tray was attached directly to a hot dip galvanised channel using Cablofil FS41 (quick channel clips). The installation team then used 50mm conduit to take cables from the overhead runs of basket tray to the individual machines on each mezzanine, using a clip-on Cablofil brackets designed specifically for the application to click the conduit into place quickly and easily.