Bromley Road Infants School, Beckenham

Project: Bromley Road Infants School, Beckenham

Following a recent refurbishment, Duquesa natural roofing slate from Cembrit is helping to preserve the traditional character of Bromley Road Infants School in Beckenham. Installed as part of a two phase project, Duquesa slates provide the finishing touch to the traditional building design while adding modern roof covering performance to the development.


Bromley Road Infants is situated in the heart of Beckenham. The school was first established in 1818, and is still housed in a well-maintained, original Victorian listed building. The refurbishment project, overseen by the Surveyors Department at the London Borough of Bromley, has maintained the traditional appearance of the building while equipping it with a natural slate that performs to modern performance standards. Supplied in grey/black, the Duquesa slates were installed by roofing contractor, Bromley Building Services.


Simon Horton of Bromley Council, comments; “With any period refurbishment project it is important to try, where possible, to replicate the appearance of the original features by using sympathetic, modern building materials. Duquesa is sympathetic to the original era and has long had a reputation for being a top quality natural slate with no oxidisation or rust risk. This is important in urban locations where concentrations of acid in the atmosphere can be damaging to the fabric of buildings. It also has excellent durability, strength and colour - all characteristics that match the traditional Welsh grey/black slate"


Duquesa is a natural slate of the highest quality and is selected from the best deposits and produced by some of the finest quarries in Spain. It is available in two colours: blue black, and grey, and in a variety of sizes. It has a smooth, even texture, and can be relied upon to create an attractive and long lasting roof.


Duquesa has been imported by Cembrit for over 20 years, and has become one of the UK’s leading specified Spanish slates; it will withstand the most severe weather conditions, it is unaffected by sunlight, ultraviolet light and even acid rain and Laid correctly will last the lifetime of the building. Duquesa is ideal for use on any major public or private sector project including; prestige housing, supermarkets, schools, city offices and business parks.