Boys and Girls Privacy Cubicles at Thornton Grammar School

Founded in 1673, Thornton Grammar School rejoices in it’s proud heritage. 1,500 pupils enjoy the school’s triple specialist status in Sport, Science and Applied Learning.

The school wanted to provide the pupils with a superior washroom environment. Cubicle Centre recommended the Privacy cubicle range.

Privacy cubicles offer the ultimate in discreet use and durability. The CGL (Compact Grade Laminate) panels are water resistant and slam proof (ideal for use in schools). The panels are also coated with Sanitized® which protects against bacteria and makes them easy to clean.

The two washrooms are both spacious with an open hand washing area. The girl’s eleven cubicles have Pink doors while the boy’s are blue.

John McGinnis, The Business and Facilities Manager at Thornton commented:

“The recent toilet refurbishment has been a huge hit with the students. They especially like the colour choices and the added privacy that the floor to ceiling cubicles provide. The quality of the washrooms is exceptional which supports the positive learning environment at Thornton”

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