Bowling Alley, Horwich

Project: Bowling Alley, Horwich

Vynagrip anti-slip matting, supplied by UK PVC matting manufacturer Plastic Extruders Ltd, is fulfilling an unusual application at the Hollywood Bowl in Horwich, Bolton. Here the bowling-alley management chose the matting to provide a slip resistant working surface which would prevent technicians slipping on the concrete floor and provide a safe footing when climbing and dismounting the ladders.

The matting has been laid along the back of the run of alleys where technicians access and service the machines which automatically return balls as well as collect, reset and reposition the pins.

Vynagrip is an industrial grade, heavy duty matting specifically designed to provide a safe and slip resistant surface in rugged working environments. Its deeply etched surface provides a high R11 slip resistance rating when tested to DIN 51130. The matting is extremely hard-wearing yet comfortable underfoot. Besides, thanks to its vinyl construction, it can be easily cut on site and will contour over rough or uneven floors.

Vynagrip is available in standard colours of red, blue or black with the additional option of Vynagrip Plus in black with yellow edge bands.  The black version is manufactured from 100% post-industrial recycled material and is fully recyclable, making it a sustainable and environmentally-sensitive choice.  The matting is supplied in 5m or 10m rolls and widths of 60, 91 and 122cm. Individual 80 x 120cm or 100 x 150cm modules with yellow safety ramping to three sides are also available.