Bodegas Protos Vineyard in Valladolid, Spain

Project: Bodegas Protos Vineyard in Valladolid, Spain

Shortlisted for the 2009 Stirling Prize and a recipient of a RIBA award, the Bodegas Protos Vineyard in Valladolid, Spain is one of our proudest achievements.
Nestled in the base of a small hill surmounted by a medieval castle, the long-established wine growers commissioned Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners to design a building to house their entire wine production facility. A combination of above ground, sunken and subterranean space enabled the one premises to play host to offices, processing facilities and cellars, all of which required different ambient temperatures to work at peak efficiency.
The five parabolic vaults that can be seen from above are clad with Terreal’s Maestral terracotta tiles, adding greatly to the exterior aesthetics of the building. At the same time, the choice to use Terreal’s Maestral tiles allowed the structure to have a great deal of presence, without adversely affecting the personality of the local area. The functionality of the terracotta tiles was also of great importance due to the need for strict temperature regulation within the building. Still a widely discussed piece of architecture, the vineyard now processes over one million kilograms of grapes each year whilst effortlessly doubling as the administrative headquarters for the business – highlighting the successful coming together of form and function.