BMW/MINI Llandudno

BMW and MINI Llandudno has been providing a high quality customer experience since its original development in 2007. With the demand for their cars increasing, BMW and MINI decided it needed refurbishing and expanding.

To handle the refurbishment and expansion, BMW and MINI called on Clovemead, a leading contractor with experience of developing sites for Bentley and Land Rover. Due to their experience in the luxury car industry, Clovemead knew that the cars on display had to be kept secure.

AUTOPA, with over 60 years of experience manufacturing Vehicle Access Control products, were selected for two main reasons: our short and reliable lead time, and our ability to manufacturer high quality goods that lived up to the brand quality of BMW and MINI.

In the end, we supplied BMW and MINI with a set of Stainless Steel Fixed and Retractable bollards to secure the Llandudno dealership. The retractable bollards, when lowered, allowed staff to freely move vehicles around the site and when raised, would combine with the design of the fixed bollards to provide the necessary security as well as an unobscured view of the cars on display.