Big Mouth Media Company, London W1

Project: Big Mouth Media Company, London W1

Leading dealers for Duvale PLC, Acoustic Products, carried out the installation of a bold red movable wall which features applied vinyl lettering ‘A Big Hello’. The Duvale wall was made for clients Big Mouth Media Group as part of a major refurbishment by specialist contractor OBG

Big Mouth Media had requested a flexible meeting space behind the reception area, where the wall is folded away into a remote storage facility. The newly open space created is generous enough to host customer presentations

Acoustic Products recommended Duvale’s AW110C system at 47db, which is purely top hung and incorporates compression seals

Being top hung, there was no need for the floor rails, while the panels are easily locked into position by a quick release mechanism operated from the panel edge. When released, the panels are simply rolled & stacked away

This successful refurbishment was featured in a case study by FMX Magazine where special reference was made to the movable walls.