Bespoke Fakro flashings for luxury Highland log cabins

Project: Eagle Brae Highland Log Cabins

Fakro has supplied 31 FTP-V centre pivot and FPP-V top hung and pivot roof windows with bespoke flashings for use on luxury self-catering log cabins at Eagle Brae in the Highlands. The first phase of hand-built, Canadian red cedar cabins saw architects Maxwell & Co of Inverness use windows individually and in horizontal combination. Project architect Steven Caudry commented, “At the time of specifying roof windows we had become aware of Fakro following a CPD presentation.  A key element of the project was our client's requirement for green roofing using indigenous wild grasses. The roof windows were to be fitted into waterproofed timber boxes raised above the vegetation. Discussion with Fakro’s local Specification Manager revealed the company’s ability and willingness to offer bespoke flashings to suit our unique details. A period of time followed in which detailed drawings were exchanged with the company’s research and development team in Poland to ensure flashings would suit the details being formed on site.  We appreciated Fakro's flexibility to meet our requirements, allowing a far neater end result than could have been achieved using standard flashings”.