Terca Bricks, Beech House

Project: Beech House, Cheshire

The innovative, large-scale combination of cutting-edge modern design and classical elegance has helped to ensure that the aesthetic composition of Beech House in Cheshire is a peerless example of brick architecture. The striking shape of the home, coupled with the intricate textures of the selected materials, has been recognised as a shining example of modern domestic architecture by Wienerberger, the world’s largest manufacturer of bricks and building solutions.

The stylistically symbiotic relationship between Wienerberger’s Hathaway Brindled brick and the beautiful stone surrounds - which envelop the elegantly proportioned timber framed windows – defines the aesthetic of the exquisite family home. The myriad shades and textures of the carefully selected bricks have safeguarded against a potentially harsh juxtaposition between the pale stone features, and the austere grey roof tiles.

To strengthen the harmonious exterior of the project, architect Peter Darlington and his team chose 3/4mm recessed brushed pointing, which subtly complimented the weathered patina of the brickwork. Both product and technique have created a beautifully consistent quality of finish.

Due to the substantial scale of the building, Peter identified a key objective early on in the project. It was imperative to make the home appear both friendly and inviting, as it is all too easy for a large building to look intimidating. As such, the house is not only warm in its material façade, but the configuration conjures an image of the home embracing its occupants upon entry.

The building occupies the centre of a large triangular plot with the principal two-story houseblock being orientated from east to west. The eye-catching shape is fashioned by two additional, single-story, wings extending from the central structure. The additional wings support the main structure by providing supplementary family quarters and adequate space for entertaining guests.

The amalgamation of the Hathaway Brindled brick with the other components of the structure has created a beautiful looking exterior and showcased the unique appeal of bricks for modern new builds.