BBVA headquarters, Madrid

Project: BBVA headquarters, Madrid

Kingspan Access Floors has overcome one of the biggest logistical challenges it has ever faced to supply 150,000 sq m of RG3 panels to a new bank headquarters in Spain that features undulating floors.

The BBVA headquarters in Madrid comprises four buildings – one 23-storey disc-shaped building and four three-storey buildings whose floors undulate. This has meant that Kingspan has had to individually label each of the half a million pedestals to ensure that the right size pedestal is in the right place to provide the correct rise and fall of the floors.

Working through its joint venture company, Kingspan Suelo Técnico in Spain, Kingspan is now nearing completion of the three year installation contract. The work has involved close liaison between Alison Bache, Customer Services Administrator in Hull, and the following Kingspan Suelo Técnico personnel – Felipe Gomez, Contract Director; Christina Gutierrez, Logistics Manager; Fernando Rodriguez, Technical Director; and Julian Serrano, Site Manager.

Alison Bache said: “One of the main reasons we were awarded this contract was that we were considered to be the only company with the experience, expertise and resources available to deal with the major logistical challenges that it presented.”

Due to be completed by the summer of 2015, the development also features courtyards, irrigated gardens and other communal facilities for the 6,500 staff who will work there. The main contractors are Acciona.