Bathroom Conversion

Mrs Thomson and her husband have a London apartment, located in Wapping beside London Bridge. The apartment is used by Mr Thomson, who occasionally works in London, and by their two student sons when they visit the city. It is an investment property that they ultimately plan to rent to a young professional. A wetroom provides the ideal solution The property has a very small bathroom which is common in London apartments. Mrs Thomson wanted to make the most of the space, and so by having a wetroom installed now she has a spacious bathroom with a double shower cubicle. Also by changing the accommodation of the apartment from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom, their monthly rent value will increase. Mrs Thomson sourced the wetroom idea and the Whale Dry-Deck on the internet. The plumber, Mr Dominic Lowes, had installed the system for other clients.

The specification required a higher flow rate pump – the Dry-Deck 20. The maximum flow rate of 20 ltrs/min covers the majority of mixer and power showers. Mr & Mrs Thomson were delighted with the results and wrote to Whale to say thank you.

As in this case gravity drainage is not always an option when installing a wetroom i.e. in apartment blocks and basements. The Whale Dry-Deck 20 provides a reliable solution for waste water removal. Using a small bore pipe from a shallow gulley the waste water is sucked up from the gulley. The pump then discharges into the waste plumbing.

• Flow rate up to 20 ltrs/min – ideal for mixers & power showers*
• The flow rate of the Dry-Deck system automatically adjusts to changes in shower flow rate
• No filter in waste system – no cleaning required
• Valves integral to the pump prevent odours escaping from the drainage pipe
• Quiet operation * Check flow rate of shower to ensure that the maximum flow rate of the shower is less than 20 ltrs/min