B&Q, New Malden

Project: B&Q, New Malden

London now has a new B&Q store that will benefit from having 10% of its energy needs catered for by renewable energy sources on site. These include a naturally lit sales floor, wind turbines, solar panels and thermal piles that will help to heat the building.


Alan Leighton (Hull) Ltd installed the solar thermal for B&Q and .


Genersys 1000-10 solar panels installed at the new B&Q store generate hot water used by customers and staff. The solar panels are expected to generate upto 70% of the stores hot water for FREE saving energy and carbon.


Leighton's installed the solar panels onto the living grass roof area, the grass roof supports and encourages local wildlife.


The solar panels heated the water within a newly installed 250 Litre hot water cylinder located within main plant room.


Resol controls were selected to operate and control the solar system. The system also incorporated a smart energy meter that loges and displays solar generated KW’s for B&Q to note energy savings.