Aston Martin Newcastle Dealership is now secure

Aston Martin is one of the most evocative names in motoring, regularly featuring in the list of ‘coolest brands’ in Britain.  When they decided to expand their dealership network, they required a showroom experience to fulfil the expectations of their demanding client base.  Working with the Stoneacre Motor Group, Newcastle was identified to become the location of the 20th dealership.

Stoneacre were required to develop a state of the art showroom and customer car suite, yet also had to ensure that the vehicles on display were secure.  AUTOPA Ltd offered their expertise in vehicle parking and security products to assist them in providing the level of security necessary for this prestigious development.

AUTOPA Ltd, working with the specification provided by Aston Martin, developed a complementary set of bespoke Stainless Steel Fixed and Retractable Bollards.  The retractable versions when lowered into the ground allow the staff to freely move the vehicles around the site, and when raised combine with the fixed bollards to form the protection required.