Architects Registration Board, London

Project: Architects Registration Board, London

The Architects Registration Board (ARB) is the United Kingdom’s statutory regulator of architects and they are responsible for keeping a public Register of Architects. Every architect on the ARB register has met the standards they set for education, training and practice.

Stretch Ceilings Limited successfully supplied and installed 225 square metres of our White Lacquer membrane in 13no. panels throughout the reception and main office areas. The ARB offices have low level ceilings with a limited amount of natural light which was the main reason in choosing the White Lacquer as it has extraordinary reflective properties which creates the illusion of added height and light in the office.

Stretch Ceilings are ideal for use in office applications as it is washable, hygienic, non-toxic and certified to the new Euroclass standard fire rating B s1 d0 in accordance with EN 13501.1. Our product boasts extraordinary acoustic qualities which have huge benefits when placed in an open office environment by dramatically reducing reverberation times and helping to dampen background noise.

Having been a member of the Association of Interior Specialists (AIS) for a number of years we are extremely pleased that we had the opportunity to showcase our installation at ARB whilst also using the project for an on-site assessment. AIS membership is not automatic as applicants are subject to strict vetting procedures every three years to ensure that they continue to meet high standards. The vetting procedure consists of a detailed documentary and financial review to ensure that the quality of materials, service and workmanship is of the highest standard. Stretch Ceilings Limited is proud to have passed the rigorous vetting procedure and have our AIS membership certificate renewed.