ARCADIA 85 and ARCADIA 115 Yachts

Project: ARCADIA 85 and ARCADIA 115 Yachts

Electricity generating solar façades have been very popular with planners and architects for years. For example, GEWE-sol® PV from SCHOLLGLAS contributes to the optimisation of a building's total energy balance on the one hand, and makes it possible to integrate products economically into architecturally demanding properties on the other hand. Custom made elements are available in many design variations in order to support the individual architectural style of a building. In addition, the glass laminates – with a suitable design – can be used as a sun protection system or have a thermal insulation effect.

However, those aesthetic electricity generators are not only outstandingly well suited for use in the building shell. Increasing energy prices also make the solar glass modules interesting for boat and yacht building, for example, where resource protection and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important. Innovative shipyards and designers are currently working on new drive technologies, materials and shapes for a climate-friendly life on-board.

The Italian shipyard Arcadia is setting new standards in the development of more environmentally friendly boats. The yachts of the same name, Arcadia 85 and Arcadia 115, stand out not only because of their angular look, but also due to almost complete glazing of the upper deck. That way, passengers enjoy a clear view of the water. To protect them against the summery heat, the vertical side glazing of both yacht models is designed with GEWE-therm® insulating glass. It provides combined protection against heat and the sun.

On the other hand, GEWE-sol® PV was used for the horizontal glass roof areas, also as insulating glazing. The monocrystalline, black, high-performance solar cells that are integrated into the glass elements are elegant and also fulfil

two tasks: Due to their semi-transparent placement, the PV elements provide shade in the interior, while they simultaneously provide electricity for on-board consumers and for the hybrid drive. Since the modules are supplied ready-to-use, they are easy to install. The electrical connection is concealed in the edge area of the laminated glass panel. That way, the elements can be connected in an optically appealing way.

By choosing GEWE-therm® and GEWE-sol® PV, the yacht builders at Arcadia selected high-performance products from SCHOLLGLAS that create lasting comfort on-board and highlight the unusual design of the luxurious ships.