An all-weather pitch for all sports.

Project: Clayton Hall Business College

Clayton Hall Business College, stands on the site of the former home of the Lovatt family, local landowners. In 1947 it began to be used as an educational establishment with Clayton Hall Grammer School for girls situated on the site. Clayton Hall business college is now at the heart of the site and has grown rapidly over the last few years still trying to keep the heritage of the site alive whilst moving forward with the times to be able to offer a high standard of education to all who pass through its doors.

The school had an existing sand filled outdoor all weather pitch that was nearing the end of its useful life. The school looked to upgrade the facilities so that they could have a new surface that was capable of taking a variety of sports but had a limited budget.

Playrite’s Matchwinner was chosen for its flexibility with regard to multi-sport and also its durability and its relatively low maintenance. It has inlaid lines that can be permanently added in white, yellow or red and meets EN15330 Part 2 standards making it the ideal solution for the College.

The pitch area was installed in Summer green with an Autumn green run-off area to create an aesthetically pleasing look on the limited budget.