Amanzoe Resort and Spa, Greece

Project: Amanzoe Resort and Spa, Greece

The Problem

Greece’s stunning Amanzoe resort and spa is situated in the Eastern Peloponnese near Porto Heli. It comprises beautiful individual villas arranged around central courtyards, pools and restaurants. The Hotel management wanted to find a safe, comfortable and slip resistant matting which could be laid behind several bars and in the kitchens to prevent their employees from slipping on the tiled floors.

The Solution

The management contacted Greek flooring specialist Vasileios George Beredimas who recommended highly slip resistant Flexigrid matting as the ideal solution.

Flexigrid is specially designed for this type of environment to minimise the risk of slipping and to provide a dry and comfortable working surface underfoot. The matting is quick and easy to install and can be rolled up to facilitate regular cleaning. The matting’s overall 20mm height and nonporous PVC construction means that it copes well with heavy spillages such as in the washing-up areas of the kitchens and behind the bars.

The Client

Vassilis Beredimas comments, “We recommended Flexigid as we know it is very effective in this kind of situation. The combination of spillages including soapy water and tiled floors does not mix well and there is a significant risk to staff slipping. The Flexigrid provides an effective slip resistant and comfortable surface.”

The Product

Flexigrid matting, manufactured from flexible PVC, is comfortable to stand on and reduces physical fatigue which in turn improves concentration and productivity. The matting will contour over rough or uneven surfaces and is easily cut and shaped on site to fit around machines and equipment.

Flexigrid meets the highest possible V10 rating for Liquid Drainage. It also carries a high R11 slip resistant rating and has essential chemical and oil resistance properties.

The black matting is environmentally friendly because it is made with up to 100% post-industrial recycled waste which in turn is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. It is manufactured in 5 and 10m long rolls in widths of 60 and 91cm with modules and optional aluminium chamfered edges available to order.