Acoustic panels connect history

London’s so-called Loom building is full of stories that unravel and offer glimpses into its rich history. It is not often that architects, in this case Duggan Morris, have the opportunity to design a perfect link between both modern and ancient. This is the exactly what has happened in their innovative solution converting one of East London’s old buildings from its original purpose as a wool warehouse into a modern office space. This includes the relocation of its main entrance and provision of offices plus staff breakout areas and a café, together with unique features such as dramatic woven metal welcoming gates to bespoke artworks which dominate the multi-storey atrium.

Another of the architects’ solutions was to use Troldtekt 2000 x 600mm natural wood wool acoustic ceiling panels. These provide an attractive link between the different spaces in this 1000sqft building, together with reusing many original old materials to restore attractive life into this previously neglected space. Existing brick dividing walls have been cut through and the original steel supporting stanchions left in place.

The significance of The Loom has resulted in it being Grade II listed. It has also been recognised for an Award in the London Region refurbishment/recycled workplace category adapting the old to modern use with the limitation that no more than half the internal space is new build.  Here, the result is an exciting timepiece of history where creativity can thrive once again.

Troldtekt natural wood wool ceiling panels are widely specified throughout Europe in a range of modern buildings as well as for refurbishing interiors. They are used to tie spaces together with a visually attractive textured surface which has superior acoustic performance and can incorporate different forms of lighting and speakers. In an inexpensive and eco-friendly way, occupiers benefit from a host of physical benefits such as high sound absorption, durability and natural breathability coupled with sustainability as documented by Cradle to Cradle certification at silver level.

Troldtekt panels, used mainly for ceilings and sometimes on walls, are vital where a good acoustics and quiet performance atmosphere is essential - notably in schools, leisure and sports buildings, commercial workplaces and public areas. The panels are available in various sizes and in three grades from extrem fine to coarse. Although most are used in their natural untreated state, they can also be painted in virtually any RAL colour.