Academy Access Improved With TORMAX

Vastly improving student access and ensuring the smooth flow of foot traffic at all times, TORMAX has retrofitted seven sets of their ground-breaking iMotion 1301 automatic operators to existing swing doors throughout Thomas Deacon Academy, Peterborough.  Contributing to DDA-compliance, TORMAX low-energy door drives are cost-effective in the long term, combining outstanding reliability with minimal maintenance.  

The largest sponsored Academy in the UK, Thomas Deacon opened its doors in 2007.  Designed to accommodate children from the ages of 7 -18 years, it is located on a purpose built 43-acre campus with unrivalled sports facilities and delivers a modern, forward thinking approach to education.  

TORMAX secured the contract to automate a number of key internal swing doors located throughout the school buildings.   “The entire facility has been carefully designed to ensure clear access for all staff and pupils, confirms Mick Crossley, Deputy Facilities Manager at the Academy.  “The decision to further automate these internal entrances reflects our continuing drive to improve our environment.” 

Designed in-house at the head offices in Switzerland, TORMAX iMotion motors have been cleverly engineered without the elements that generally wear out over time, such as gears and brushes.  This ensures outstanding reliability, low maintenance requirements and also one of the best life expectancies on the market today.

iMotion technology also ticks the green box making it a sustainable solution too, an important consideration for the Thomas Deacon Academy.  Not only are the operators almost entirely manufactured using recyclable material but all components meet current RoHS standards, with no hazardous materials such as lead, or mercury being utilised. 

Further reducing carbon footprint, iMotion operators automatically minimise energy consumption at all times.  The high torque synchronous motor combines with sophisticated sensors and a ground-breaking micro-processor control system to ensure the permanent monitoring of door leaf movements.  This allows movement to be adapted for optimum efficiency if operating conditions change, for instance, through general wear and tear, a change in temperature or due to a build of dirt.  Sleep mode switches the doors to minimal stand-by energy consumption.

Given the busy environment with large numbers of children moving around the school, safety is a key priority.  TORMAX iMotion operators incorporate a hi-tech system of up to four monitored sensors to ensure user safety and compliance with the strictest legislative requirements.  The doors are also tried and tested for fire protection.

TORMAX has over 60 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke automatic systems.  The iMotion range of door drives power sliding, swing, folding and revolving entrance solutions.  Allowing easy upgrade over time, the entire iMotion range of operators is modular in design.