A rooftop like a glass balcony

Amsterdam, the flourishing caission awarded it the title of 2016 European Capital of Innovation ("iCapital") in recognition of the ity’s highly original take on four areas of urban life: governance, economics, social inclusion, and quality of life. The renovation of the A’DAM Tower, formerly…

Amsterdam, the flourishing capital of the Netherlands, is renowned for its smart solutions and livability. A well-known landmark, the A'DAM Tower rises to almost 100 meters, offering spectacular views over the whole city. Its transformation involved adding a glass balcony balustrade around the rooftop terrace.

About the project
The average height of a building in Amsterdam is just 30 metres, so the 22-storey A’DAM Tower soars above the surrounding cityscape. It has been transformed into a multifunctional tower that features offices, cafés, a hotel, a rotating restaurant and an observation deck where thrill seekers can swing back and forth over the edge of the tower with a 100-metre drop below their feet.

During the tender process, Q-railing discussed its Easy Glass Max system with architect OeverZaaijer Architecture (OZ). A high-grade glass balcony railing solution that can cope with line loads in excess of 5 kN/m, it offers modern looks and maximum transparency. The OZ team were immediately convinced that Easy Glass Max was a perfect fit for the rooftop terrace of the A’DAM Tower. In total, around 110 metres of railing were installed.

Q-railing supported the architect, the contractor and the installer, Van Pommeren Las en Montagebedrijf, throughout the whole process.