3 Bed Semi, London Colney

Project: 3 Bed Semi, London Colney

This 3 bedroom semi was fitted with 14, high-efficiency, monocrystalline modules, mounted on a K2 systems frame. The panels are available with a double coated frame which allows Mitsubishi Electric to extend the warranty to areas near the coast where the salt concentration in the ambient air can cause problems.

Installation Date

June 2011


South Facing

Number of panels


Installation time

1 days



Total kWp


Estimated kWh


Annual benefit



South, 45 degrees

The performance of PV systems is impossible to predict with certainty due to the variability in the amount of sunlight in different locations of the UK and from year to year.

This is index linked, and assumes that 50% of electricity is generated by the PV array, and 50% is exported back to the grid. Based on an average of 9p per kWh charged by the energy supplier.

This estimate is based upon the Government's standard assessment procedure for energy rating of buildings (SAP) and is given as guidance only. It should not be considered as a guarantee of performance.