2010 St. Margaret School, Luton

Project: 2010 St. Margaret School, Luton

Moralt Laminesse FireSmoke in 44mm (FD30 to BS476 Pt22) were used by Youngs Doors Ltd of Norwich for internal doorsets in St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Primary School in Luton.

These Moralt products are also certified to meet Chiltern‘s CDTM01 Service Life Classification programme that include operational and cyclic tests (DD171, EN1191, EN1192 etc). The 500.000 operational cycles attained by Moralt Laminesse doorsets during these tests are an indication of the stability and strength of the Spruce lamincore construction, as well as testament to the relative lightweight of the core material. With a density of 470 kg/m3 larger size doorsets do not excessively burden the hinges and other ironmongery when they are installed in the higher traffic areas of public buildings.

These high quality Beech HPL finished doorsets are not only attractive but will also be hard-wearing, making them ideal for the busy school environment.