19th Century Victorian Property, Surrey

Project: 19th Century Victorian Property, Surrey

The 19th Century Victorian property in Surrey is positioned close to a village road junction and had problems with draughts in winter from existing windows. It was also considered whether new windows would help with the issue of road noise.


This client required a traditional looking window that was high performing, as well as meeting with the needs of conservation officers. Westbury provided a traditional timber Heritage Box Sash Window with cord and weights, with double glazed units. The weights provided an authentic action, meeting with the desires of the property owner. A simple central cottage glazing bar fitted perfectly with the period of the building, windows all finished using a micro-porous water based paint in ‘Westbury White’. Polished brass ironmongery completed the traditional aesthetic.


The owner now reports far improved insulation. However they were most impressed with the level of noise reduction. In their ‘garden room’ constructed 10 years ago that also has double glazed units they can still hear the sound of bell ringing practice from the church across the road, however in the newly glazed part of the house it is practically silent.

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