Adaptive Structures  

Performance Advantages

There are four major performance advantages of Adaptive Structures:

  • Lighter
  • More slender
  • Infinitely stiff
  • Lower energy

With these benefits come significant opportunities. Adaptive Structures can:

  • Achieve onerous performance criteria, for example in laboratory buildings, gantry crane runway beams, bespoke facades.
  • Save significant quantities of material where large, rare loads need to be designed for, as is the case for most structures and types of loading!
  • Allow slender structures to be built in limited space, whether due to refurbishment, architectural desire, constraints on height, or limited footprints for tall buildings.
  • Ease construction due to lightweight nature e.g. fewer crane lifting operations in a bridge construction.
  • Use high strength materials (which are often no stiffer than conventional materials) to their full potential by using active systems to overcome deflection issues..



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