That’s Polyflor all over in new burns unit

Versatility, low maintenance, colour choice and a facility for inlaid decoration were key criteria for the floorcoverings selected for the new Burns and Education Centre at Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - and the design team found exactly what they were seeking in the comprehensive range available from leading commercial flooring specialist Polyflor Ltd.

“The range of products and colours available from Polyflor, together with their proven technical performance and the company’s ability to recreate our flooring design ideas proved ideal. We are delighted with the end result,” said Derick Harrison of the hospital trust’s strategic design department, which worked with Jill Johnson Interior Design on the project.

Locally based flooring contractor Stanmore Floors has installed a variety of shades from the Polyflor Mystique PUR range of low maintenance heavy duty sheet vinyls in wards and corridors, featuring brilliantly coloured inset geometric designs which mirror the unit’s wall decoration. The designs were created via the Polyflor Expressions Design Service which uses computerised water jet cutting techniques to produce the precise shapes and styles required for inlaid decoration.

Top of the range sheet vinyl safety floors Polysafe Corona and Polysafe Astral are fitted in all bathrooms and toilets, Forest FX timber effect sheet vinyl is featured in the unit’s education centre and Polyflor Finesse SD electrostatic discharge protection vinyls have been employed to provide static dissipative control in operating theatres.

Non-directionally patterned Polyflor Mystique PUR is available in 16 decorative shades and features a high quality polyurethane reinforcement which, combined with a superior closed surface finish, facilitates a low cost, polish-free maintenance regime for the lifetime of the flooring, achieving savings of up to 48% compared with untreated vinyl flooring.

Polysafe Corona and Polysafe Astral each incorporate Supratec+, the second generation of Polyflor’s unique soil releasing polymer system, now including polyurethane for reduced dirt pick up, even easier maintenance and cleaning cost savings of up to 60% over traditional safety flooring.

As well as meeting the performance requirements of EN13845 and being BBA Agrément certified as G5ws, Corona and Astral provide sustainable slip resistance throughout the product’s guaranteed life, achieving 36 on the RRL Pendulum wet test (Four S/Slider 96 rubber). This, combined with a surface roughness of Rz 20µm, ensures compliance with Health and Safety Executive guidance and with EN 13845, the European Norm for Safety Flooring.

The practical appeal of the ranges is matched by their aesthetic appearance - a superb choice of 12 fresh, vivid colours in Corona and 14 in Astral.

Polyflor Mystique PUR, Polysafe Corona and Polysafe Astral have all been independently tested and results demonstrate that the products inhibit the growth of MRSA. An effective cleaning regime is, however, the most important defence against infection. Mystique PUR also achieves the highest possible “A” rating under the BRE Green Guide to Specification scheme.

Fully tested to fire safety standard EN13501-1, all are certified as Class Bfl-S1, achieving the criteria EN ISO 9239-1 8kw/m² and the mandatory requirement of EN ISO 11925-2 pass.

Timber effect Forest FX offers 14 of the most widely specified wood colours, including oak, beech, maple and cherry as well as teak, walnut, mahogany and cocobolo. This range also features a polyurethane reinforcement (PUR), which protects the floor during installation and handover and facilitates a polish-free maintenance regime.

All Polyflor products installed at the centre can be welded at the seams and to coved skirtings to provide continuous, hygienic surfaces which offer no sanctuary to dirt and bacteria.

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