Polysafe Strata sets bright new standard

Bright and vibrant colours plus all the proven performance benefits of Polysafe Standard are the hallmarks of new Polysafe Strata - the latest innovation in sheet vinyl safety floors from commercial flooring specialist Polyflor Ltd.

“Polysafe Strata is the perfect partner for our long-established Polysafe Standard range, bringing superb decoration to the volume end of the safety market,” says Polyflor marketing manager Simon James. “The stunning colour choice allows design statements to be carried through to back of house areas at an affordable cost.”

New Polysafe Strata is available in nine exciting shades, each featuring multi-coloured flake decoration. All base shades in the range are popular choices within the Polysafe Standard palette.

In all other respects Polysafe Strata is designed to mirror the features and benefits of Polysafe Standard in relation to availability, price, cleanability and true safety floor performance.

Incorporating quartz crystals, aluminium oxide and silicon carbide particles throughout the full product thickness for improved traction and safety underfoot, Polysafe Strata, in common with all Polyflor sheet vinyls, can be welded at the seams and to coved skirtings to create continuous, impervious surfaces.

And, as with all Polysafe ranges, the product has been independently tested and results demonstrate that it inhibits the growth of MRSA. An effective cleaning regime is, however, the most important defence against infection.

As well as meeting the performance requirements of EN649 and EN13845, the range conforms to HSE guidelines, achieving a sustainable slip resistance value of 36 on the RRL Pendulum wet test (using Four S rubber slider) and a surface roughness of Rtm  20µm. Fully tested to fire safety standard EN 13501-1, Polysafe Strata is certified as Class Bfl-S1, achieving the criteria EN ISO 9239-1 8kw/m2 and the mandatory requirement of EN ISO 11925-2 pass.

Full details from Polyflor Ltd, Radcliffe New Road, Whitefield, Manchester M45 7NR. Tel: 0161-767 1111. Fax: 0161-767 1128. Website: www.polyflor.com Email: info@polyflor.com

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