Polyflor scores all round at new Lancashire cardiac centre

Around 10,000m² of Polyflor vinyl floorcovering has been specified and installed throughout a prestigious new-build cardiac unit at Blackpool’s Victoria Hospital, by Warrington-based flooring contractor Applied Flooring Technology.

Luxury vinyl tiles from the Polyflor Expona art & design collection are featured in the unit’s main reception and waiting area with non-directionally patterned Polyflor Mystique PUR and Polyflor Prestige PUR used in wards, corridors and treatment rooms. Polyflor Finesse EC electrostatic conductive flooring is fitted in operating theatres, with Polysafe Corona and Polysafe Vogue Ultra safety flooring providing the required slip resistance in scrub-up areas, toilets, bathrooms and a link corridor.

Combining stunning designs with quality materials and proven functionality, the Expona art & design collection has been specially developed to widen the horizons of creative interior design, offering a balanced choice of authentic timber and stone/design effects.

Suitable for very heavy commercial use and ideal for a variety of leisure, education, retail and specific healthcare installations, Expona features a polyurethane surface treatment, aiding maintenance and removing traditional restrictions on freedom of design choice.

Polyflor Mystique PUR and Polyflor Prestige PUR feature a high quality polyurethane reinforcement which, combined with a superior closed surface finish, facilitates a low cost, polish-free maintenance regime for the lifetime of the flooring, achieving savings of up to 48% compared with untreated vinyl flooring.

Polyflor Mystique PUR also achieves the highest possible “A” rating under the BRE Green Guide to Specification scheme. Both products meet the performance requirements of EN 649 and, fully tested to fire safety standard EN 13501-1, are certified as Class Bfl-S1, achieving the criteria EN ISO 9239-1 8kw/m² and the mandatory requirement of EN ISO 11925-2 pass.

Both also feature homogeneous monolayer construction for even wear and 100% useful life.

Combining the latest advanced performance and maintenance technology with a superbly fresh colour palette, Polysafe Corona incorporates Supratec+, the second generation of Polyflor’s unique soil releasing polymer system, now including polyurethane for reduced dirt pick up, even easier maintenance and cleaning cost savings of up to 60%.

High style, high performance Polysafe Vogue Ultra comes complete with an attractive multi-chip decoration and is formulated for greater flexibility when fitting corners and awkward areas, also featuring a surface emboss which hugely improves its cleanability.

Both products provide sustainable slip resistance for their guaranteed life, achieving 36 on the RRL Pendulum wet test (Four-S rubber). This, combined with a surface roughness of Rtm 20µm, ensures that they comply with Health and Safety Executive guidance and with EN 13845, the European Norm for Safety Flooring.

All Polyflor heavy duty and safety sheet vinyls have been independently tested and results demonstrate that they inhibit the growth of MRSA. An effective cleaning regime is, however, the most important defence against infection.

Birchwood and Corn Husk colourways from the Polyflor Finesse EC sheet vinyl range were selected for operating theatres at the hospital. Polyflor Finesse EC meets relevant international electrostatic conductive performance standards and the performance requirements of EN 649.

The flooring has an electrical resistance factor of 5x104 - 1x106 ohms tested to BS EN/IEC 61340-4-1. Fully tested to fire safety standard EN13501-1, Polyflor Finesse EC is certified as Class Bfl-S1, achieving the criteria EN ISO 9239-1 8kw/m² and the mandatory requirement of EN ISO 11925-2 pass.

Providing a choice of five attractive, non-directional colourways, Polyflor Finesse EC is available in 2mm gauge in 2m wide sheet or standard 608mmx608mm access floor panel size tiles.

Full details from Polyflor Ltd, Radcliffe New Road, Whitefield, Manchester M45 7NR. Tel: 0161-767 1111. Fax: 0161-767 1128. Website: www.polyflor.com Email: info@polyflor.com

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