Mystique in action at “cleanest” hospital

Low maintenance Polyflor Mystique PUR heavy duty sheet vinyl flooring from commercial flooring specialists and Architects for Health think tank sponsors Polyflor Ltd is installed in wards and corridors at Reading’s Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust - rated in 2005 by the Healthcare Commission as joint first cleanest NHS acute hospital in the country, scoring 99% and fourth for Battle Block with 97%.

Non-directionally patterned Polyflor Mystique PUR is available in 16 decorative shades and features a high quality polyurethane reinforcement which, combined with a superior closed surface finish, facilitates a low cost, polish-free maintenance regime for the lifetime of the flooring, achieving savings of up to 48% compared with untreated vinyl flooring.

In common with all Polyflor sheet vinyls, Polyflor Mystique PUR can be welded at the seams and to coved skirtings to create continuous, impervious surfaces that offer no sanctuary to dirt and bacteria.

A spokesman for the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust says: “Easily maintained floorcoverings like these obviously play an important role in our overall strategy for ensuring maximum cleanliness within the hospital.”

The product has been independently tested and the results demonstrate that Polyflor Mystique PUR inhibits the growth of MRSA. An effective cleaning regime is, however, the most important defence against infection. The flooring also achieves the highest possible “A” rating under the BRE Green Guide to Specification scheme.

Polyflor Mystique PUR meets the performance requirements of EN 649 and, fully tested to fire safety standard EN 13501-1, is certified as Class Bfl-S1, achieving the criteria EN ISO 9239-1 8kw/m² and the mandatory requirement of EN ISO 11925-2 pass.

Full details from Polyflor Ltd, Radcliffe New Road, Whitefield, Manchester M45 7NR. Tel: 0161-767 1111. Fax: 0161-767 1128. Website: Email:

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