Mystique colours for new Liverpool hospital

Around 20,000m² of bright, attractive colours from the Polyflor Mystique PUR range of polish-free heavy duty sheet vinyl floorcoverings have been installed throughout the new-build Broadgreen Hospital and Cardiothoracic Centre in Liverpool.

Flooring contractors PCS also fitted Polysafe Astral sheet vinyl safety flooring in scrub up areas, toilets and washrooms at the hospital.

Polyflor Mystique PUR provides a balanced choice of 16 decorative shades and the Polysafe Astral palette offers 14 lively colours each offering multi-flake decoration.

For easier cleanability and maintenance cost savings, Mystique PUR features a polyurethane reinforcement to provide enhanced protection and facilitate a lifelong polish-free maintenance regime for overall cleaning cost savings of up to 48%. The product also achieves the highest possible “A” rating under the BRE Green Guide to Specification scheme.

Polysafe Astral incorporates Supratec+, the second generation of Polyflor’s unique soil releasing polymer system, now including polyurethane for reduced dirt pick up, even easier maintenance and life cycle cost savings of up to 60%. As well as meeting the performance requirements of EN13845, the range conforms to HSE guidelines, achieving a sustainable slip resistance value of 36 on the RRL Pendulum wet test (using Four S rubber) and a surface roughness of Rtm 20µm.

Both Polysafe Astral and Polyflor Mystique PUR have been independently tested and results demonstrate that they inhibit the growth of MRSA. An effective cleaning regime is, however, the most important defence against infection.

Both, fully tested to fire safety standard EN13501-1, are certified as Class Bfl-S1, achieving the criteria EN ISO 9239-1 8kw/m² and the mandatory requirement of EN ISO 11925-2 pass.

Full details from Polyflor Ltd, Radcliffe New Road, Whitefield, Manchester M45 7NR. Tel: 0161-767 1111. Fax: 0161-767 1128. Website: Email:

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