Night Time is the Right Time

What would a 24-hour city of the future look like?

Night Time is the Right Time is a major exhibition, ideas competition and event programme by The Built Environment Trust in collaboration with the Mayor of London. 

Cities are financial centres, cultural hubs and, for a great many, home – more than half the world’s population are already urban dwellers. Our cities attract businesses, tourists and ever more inhabitants. They are incubators for innovation and productivity.

However, cities could perform much better. To do this we need people to share ideas, create opportunities, be considerate of each other… and use our cities innovatively.

Most offices are only used for nine hours a day and shops are similarly limited in efficiency. Roads are congested during the day and empty at night. The benefits of spreading the activity would seem apparent – but mixed used, and particularly entertainment nightlife, is often seen as socially divisive. Fresh thinking about how the built environment works could play a pivotal role in taking our cities to the next level of performance. 

We are looking for your ideas on how we can transform our cities at night. Be part of the exhibition and event programme by submitting your ideas to our ideas competition. Find out more here.