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The Mile High Tower

Open Day: Thursday 3 May 5.30pm


Who wants to progress the Mile High Tower as an industrial challenge today?

Frank Lloyd Wright presented his Mile High Illinois in 1956 as the focal point of Broadacre City. His vision of a Living City had developed from 1932, and was represented toward the end of the Second World War as the way democracy might build - outwards and upwards for a growing population. Industrial advances spurred on by that devastating international conflict, and hopes for peace, made architectural ambition on an unprecedented scale seem not only possible, but obvious.

In 2006 Ian Abley and Jonathan Schwinge guest edited an edition of AD magazine - Manmade Modular Megastructures - marking the fiftieth anniversary of that ambition with a Mile High Tower for 90,000 people on a map of a much larger London.

As part of The Building Centre Open Day, Ian will present this vertical New Town on several sites in the 1:1500 scale Pipers model of London. The Mile High is now part of the wider work of the 250 New Towns Club, which meets at the Building Centre. Modelled in 3D by Andrew Sheldon, the model is digitally printed by Brian Withers of 3D Creation Lab.

The model is being funded by subscription, with support from Neil Osborn and DLP Consulting Group , offering specialist advice on all aspects of town planning, sustainable development, design and transportation issues.

Thanks to the kind sponsorship of Cento Engineering and Hunter Douglas Taking a Mile High Tower further requires a collaborative effort, and Ian wants to hear from you.


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