Enric Ruiz-Geli of Cloud 9 Architects will speak at the Dynamic Facades session. He is the architect of the acclaimed Media-TIC in Barcelona, a striking 40-metre high transparent cube, clad in a warped mesh of steel cables and ETFE bubbles.


Session One Dynamic Facades

Sensory responsive architecture will be examined, including dynamic, responsive facades and communicative building fabric; systems that are capable of reducing energy demands whilst creating comfort and the integration of energy generation into contemporary architecture.

Session Two Transformable Structures

Architecture which adapts over the longer term to changing economic demands, weather patterns, emergencies and other external factors. Topics that will be covered include shading devives, insulation, water control (humidity, moisture, run-off) and integrated energy generation.

Session Three Bio-Inspired Materials

From the nanoscale of the surface of a material, to the spatial organisation of a canopy or community, the conference will address the potential for nature to provide inspiration for design. In short how to become bio-inspired.

Session Four Intelligence

Sensor and control strategies looking at the current state of play in relation to buildings and the future potential of intelligent systems.